Non-Violent Protest: Love-Based versus Anger-Based

An experiment in working towards non-violence for humans and other animals.

Background for this Article

Non-violent protest is an experiment in working towards non-violence for humans and other animals - non-violently. People often become puzzled, when outrages and atrocities are committed: How could one have a love-based approach to protests or vigils? Does it not mean that oneself loves the atrocities? Is one simply too cowardly to voice the anger that one surely feels? These are misconceptions, which can be cleared up by doing a contrastive analysis of love-based versus anger-based activism. There is such a thing as channeling angry energy into something more positive. This exercise is designed to provide some sense of justification through a nuanced examination of the two forms of activism, both of which are understandable, but only one of which might show the greater understanding. Which do you think would be more positively socially transformative?

This document was inspired by the activities of Toronto Pig Save (TPS), which reaches out to people near a hog slaughter concentration camp. The demonstraters and vigil-keepers used anger-based protest at first, but then it slowly evolved. Now workers who used to be savagely violent unloading the pigs are much more gentle, so the action is having amazing transformative effects, generating sympathetic media coverage, and "vegan waves" as well. Anita Krajnc, founder of TPS, enthusiastically endorses this document.

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