Media Appearances

Media interviews of various types.

Dr. Sztybel has been interviewed for various print media and on several local and national radio and television shows. His work has attracted inquiries and commentary from many nations, including: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Britain, Canada (Sztybel's native country), Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Norway, Peru, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States. This page focuses exclusively on internet-based media (including the media of languages other than English). Their messages do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. Sztybel.

The items are presented in chronological order.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care's Code of Ethics: A Critical Evaluation

Medical Research Modernization Committee: Featuring of critique of Canadian Council on Animal Care Code of Ethics


David Sztybel

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Featured Statements on Verein Gegen Tierfabriken

Statements featured on website of Verein Gegen Tierfabriken (Association Against Animal Factories) in Austria, in support of unjustly imprisoned animal activist, Dr. Martin Balluch


Website Features

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Fausses allégations de la zoothérapie (III)

L'aut' journal: Sztybel David, "Can the treatment of animals be compared to the holocaust", Ethics and the environment.


Charles Danten

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Animal Right Law (MIRROR PRODUCTION) translation to Spanish

Translation of "Animal Rights Law" (MIRROR PRODUCTION) into Spanish by Dani Dorado. Dani is one of several former animal rights fundamentalists who wrote to tell me that my arguments in the article in question refute the relevant opinions of law professor Gary L. Francione.


Dani Dorado

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Animal Right Law (MIRROR PRODUCTION) translation to Portugese

Translation of "Animal Rights Law" (MIRROR PRODUCTION) into Portugese by Brazilian animal rights activist, media specialist, and researcher Eduardo Hegenberg. He did it because, he claims, my work is the best voice out there for animal rights pragmatism. He has his own work cut out for him debating with Francione followers and the like in Brazil.


Eduardo Hegenberg

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The book that changed my life

New Statesman: David Sztybel suggests that despite some obvious differences, the mass slaughter of animals is ethically analogous to the Holocaust in the scale of suffering involved


Peter Tatchell

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Entrevista realizada por LIBERA! a David Sztybel

Libera!: Interview


Dani Dorado

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Entrevista realizada por LIBERA! a David Sztybel feature article

EVANA: Interview was featured article


Dani Dorado

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A Critical Attack on Anti-Welfarism of Francione

Dr. Carlos Naconecy, like Dr. Sztybel, is a Fellow with the prestigious Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Dr. Naconecy authored the book Ethics and Animals (2006), and presented a critical attack on the anti-welfarism of Francione at the 12th International Vegan Festival. The essay explicitly follows the lines of critique laid out by Dr. Sztybel in relevant writings.


Dr. Carlos Naconecy

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Opinion Piece on Barack Obama

The Philadelphia Tribune: Mention in an opinion piece by A. Bruce Crawley on Barack Obama (who often waxes wistfully about Abraham Lincoln). Favorably cited my original research from Lincoln's compiled writings which show that he was brazenly and severely racist.


A. Bruce Crawley

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Jonathan Safran Foer - Eating Animals (2009)

LiveJournal: David Sztybel, in particular his paper 'Can the Treatment of Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust?'



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Trumping the Hitler card

The Soulful Eye: a legitimate Holocaust comparison looks like in the animal advocacy world, specifically at the article "Can the Treatment of Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust?", written by David Sztybel, himself the son of a survivor.



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UBC animal research needs to meet a higher standard

Vancouver Sun: David Sztybel concludes the Council allows so many exceptions to its guidelines that Canada's system of quasi-regulation might be worse than having no oversight at all because Canadians are given the illusion that animals used in science are being adequately protected.


Diane Alfred

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U of T animal experimentation a waste of time

Toronto Star: David Sztybel said universities tend to support animal research because of "the money and habit".


Valerie Hauch

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David Sztybel on Gary Francione

Sztybel's case against Francionism given high praise.



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Horse breeders reject foal killing

The government's recent decision to end the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Slots at Racetracks Program is alarming animal activists.


Laura Pedersen

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David Sztybel on Gary Francione (recommendation)

"David Sztybel on Gary Francione" tops recommended reading list on mattters.com


David Sztybel

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Thinking Critically about Veganism. Filmed by Michael Sizer.

Dr. Sztybel expounds briefly on this fascinating topic.


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Behind the Scences at a Kitty Blood Clinic

Nonhuman slavery is condemned by Dr. Sztybel in spite of its benefits.


Sarah-Taïssir Bencharif

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