Anti-Vivisection and Anti-Violence

A strong ethical case against medical vivisection using the principle of non-violence.

Background for this Article

I have recently become involved in an anti-vivisection organization at the University of Toronto. I have done a few talks on anti-vivisection for them. This informal paper makes a strong ethical case against medical vivisection using non-violence as a principle. As in "Animal Rights in Essence," listed above, I do not offer a meta-ethical justification for non-violence, which I intend to do in a forthcoming book. Rather, I build on the fact that each of us normally insists on non-violence towards ourselves.

Vivisectionists on campus often imply that anti-vivisectionists are cranks who are not worth debating, but I show how the most established versions of many ethical theories entail non-violence, which must be extended to nonhuman animals too if we are to disavow speciesism.

I sincerely hope that you will do the special part you have to offer for getting AV & AV out into the public domain to do its job.

The paper is available as a pdf download.