Veganism vs Violence

Two versions of this paper aimed at thoughtful, mature people on Veganism and Violence.

Background for this Article

This essay, "Veganism vs Violence," is aimed at thoughtful and mature people who are either educated or open to education. Such people need facts and arguments, not just opinions, and they need reasonably thorough coverage, not just superficial commentary.

The paper is suitable for widespread dissemination as many have found, because non-violence is a simple idea, and the essay is not biased in favour of any one ethical theory but rather shows how the major moral views lead to non-violence. There is also an abridged version of "Veganism vs Violence." It is condensed in parts and does not discuss moral theory, relying instead on a more common-sensical account of the ethics of veganism versus omnivorism.

I sincerely hope that you will do the part you have to offer for getting V v V out there into the world to do its work.

The sister paper to "Veganism vs Violence" is "Anti-Vivisection and Anti-Violence" (see page). In a forthcoming book I will make a meta-ethical case for non-violent eating and so forth, adding a great deal to the analysis, critiques, and justifications offered in these two papers.

Both papers are available in pdf format for download:
Get the complete paper.
Get the abridged verion.